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The Mississippi Wildlife Federation has a software program to make it easier for exhibitors to select a booth, see which booths are available, make payments and update their profile as needed.

The above confirmation code means I have entered your information into the system and you may now access your Extravaganza account, personalize your password, and make sure I have all your information listed correctly. You must register with the website first and then enter your confirmation code. Once you log in you will be able to access this account from any device, including your cell phone.

The purpose of this software is to make it as easy as possible for exhibitors to look at their account, make payments and reserve booths in the future without having to wait on a return phone call from me. Receipts will be sent as soon as a payment is made and the system will remind you when final payment is due and allow you to request changes. I realize it will take some time to acclimate yourself to this system, but I believe you will appreciate it once you get started.

Important notice: Exhibitors who wish to reserve a booth for next years show and do not wish to change locations may simply log into their account, create the booth request and make a deposit, all without having to bring a paper contract and deposit money to me during the show. Exhibitors are, however, still required to pay taxes before they leave the show on Sunday. I will be in the front lobby of the Trade Mart between the hours of 3 pm and 5 pm to accept all tax payments.

Those exhibitors who wish to reserve a booth for next years show but want to change locations may still access the system and make the request. The only difference is the booth you request will need to be approved before a deposit can be made, which should be a much easier process than the one we’ve been using.

The last and most important change we’ve made is that first thing on Saturday of the show, all booths will be available for reservation, which means you are free to start reserving next years booths. We will allow ONE MONTH current exhibitors to claim their booth or it will be considered open and for sale to the public.

If you have any questions about your order or account access, please contact--
Lindsey Lemmons

Mississippi Wildlife Federation
517 Cobblestone Court, Suite 2
Madison, MS  39110
Phone: (601) 605-1790
Fax: (601) 605-1794

MWF Tax ID: 64-0509531